Arduino Library on GitHub

The Arduino library for the Nixie Tube Driver Board (NTDB4) was released on GitHub.

This Arduino library is designed to help you make your own nixie tube clocks with ease.

More tubes can be driven when multiple NTDB boards are connected in series.

The library provides two example projects for you to get started.

1) A minimal 4-Nixie-tube display.

2) A complete clock using 4 nixie tubes, 3 tactile buttons and 2 colon bulbs. See the chart below.

Feature chart

The code for a nixie clock involves 5 steps:

  1. Include our Omnixie_NTDB.h Arduino library
  2. Tell the code which pins are used.
  3. Turn on the 170V power, provided by NCH6300HV
  4. Specify what number for the tubes to display.
  5. Viola! It just works!

You may choose to flash the colons to make the clock complete, as shown in the image above.

Each board can drive 4 nixie tubes, two will drive 8 tubes, and so on. Since they are in series, they only take 4 I/Os on your Arduino board. So if you need to drive more tubes, simply add more NTDB boards in series.

Arduino Example

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