The purpose of this Nixie Tube Driver Board is to simplify the making of a Nixie tube clock.

Connect an Arduino (or other MCU) board, a NCH6300HV and 4 nixie tubes to the Board, and that's pretty much it. Of course you'll need a few bells and whistles, like buttons, an RTC module, and some wires, but the heavy-lifting work has been done for you, all on the NTDB Board. And we also provide the Arduino example code to get you started. Isn't it easy enough? ^_^

What the NTDB kit includes:

  • 1x Nixie Tube Driver Board
  • 1x Power Switch (Panel-mount)
  • 1x Power Socket (Panel-mount), with a split washer and a nut.
  • 3x Tactile Buttons (Panel-mount)
  • 4x Board-to-Wire for Nixie Tubes (11 conductors, Red for the anode, and Blue for all cathodes)
  • 1x Board-to-Wire for colons (3 conductors, Red for the anode, and Blue for 2 colons)
  • 1x 12V 1A Power adapter (This may not be included in certain KITs)

The resistors for anodes are left out intentionally, so that you can use those with proper resistance to match any nixie tubes of your choice. They are through-hole parts so basic soldering skill will suffice to install them.

In the connectors for tube connections, the pins are 0.05“ spaced apart within each connector. We choose these connectors to keep the board compact.

In addition to the panel-mount parts in the kit, there is already a switch and a power socket on board in fact. We thought you may like to make an enclosure to your own needs for your project, so we added the panel-mount ones in the kit, so that you can use them on your enclosure and hook them up using some wires. This way your project will look more like a finished product, doesn't it? ^_^

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