Omnixie PLUS Clock

This is the central documentation page for Omnixie® PLUS Clock.

Quick Start Guide


What types of tubes are supported by Omnixie Plus clocks

  • Omnixie Plus Model IN: supports IN18
  • Omnixie Plus Model ZM: supports Z566M, Z5660M, ZM1040, ZM1042

Can I buy the Omnixie Plus clock without tubes?

Yes. We offer the clock base without tubes for those of you who want to use your own tubes.

  • For the model ZM, you may change your tubes among Z566M, Z5660M, ZM1040, ZM1042.
  • ZM model has different tube sockets than IN model, therefore they are not compatible with each other.


Omnixie PLUS has the EXACTLY SAME software features as Omnixie clocks. Please refer to Omnixie Clock's page for more details.