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WiFi-enabled LED Clock

Chrono-Wood Clock

Nixie Tube Clocks

Omnixie® Clock

Omnixie® Plus Clock

Black 'n' Wood Nixie Tube Clock

Divergence Meter

VFD Clocks

IV-11 VFD Tube Clock

IV-18 VFD Tube Clock

YS13-3 VFD Tube Clock (discontinued)

Nixie DC-DC Power Booster

NCH6300HV (100-230V)

NCH8200HV (170V)

NCH6100HV (85-235V) (Discontinued)

Nixie Tube Driver Board

Nixie Tube Driver Board 4 (NTDB4)


Nixie Overview

IN-12 Nixie Tube

VFD Overview

How to Test a Nixie Tube

Feature Comparison of All Our Clocks (active and discontinued)